MAY 2016


By: Vaibhavi Agrawal & Sanjiv Valsan
5 Days | 9th May - 13th May

Exploring Space Through Dance

By: Mandakini Trivedi
5 Days | 9th May - 13th May


By: Veena Chandran & Ar. Ketaki Patwardhan
3 Days | 16th May - 18th May

Playing Guitar

By: Jonathan Marcelline
3 Days | 9th May - 11th May

Song Writing

By: Jonathan Marcelline
3 Days | 12th May - 14th May

Introduction to Architecture & Interior Design

By: BRICK Faculty
3 Days | 9th May - 11th May

Daylight Performance In Buildings

By: Poorva Keskar
5 Days | 9th May - 13th May

Sketches in Clay

By: Vidya Dengle
5 Days | 9th May to 13th May

Film Making

By: Omkar Rege & Suyash Kamat
10 Days | 14th May to 23rd May

City & The Streets

By: Ar. Suraj Nandkumar
2 Days | 19th May to 20th May

Fun with Theatre

By: Rujuta Deshmukh & Madhura Welankar Satam
9 Days | 16th May to 19th May & 23rd May to 27th May

Communication as a Strategic Tool

By: Rahul Kadam in association with Gallopper
1 day | 7th May

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If you are looking to spend your summers in a more constructive way and learn something that you can add to your resume or simply improve your repertoire of knowledge, then the Brick Summer School by the SMEF's Brick Group of Institutes could just be what you are looking for. Here, you can enjoy short term courses that are not only fun and refreshing, but can also help you explore the subject of your choice in greater depth and perspective. This can also be a great way to experience Brick firsthand.

  • Wide variety of short courses to choose from.
  • Courses conducted in interactive and inspiring environment.
  • Courses conducted by experts in field.
  • Prior study on most subjects not required.
  • Certified by SMEF's Brick Group of Institutes.

The Summer School Team

Ar. Manali Deshmukh

Summer School Coordinator

Rupali Y. Dhanwade

Admin Coordinator

Mushtaque Abdulkader Shaikh

IT Personnel

Sanket Jahagirdar




Think of what you want to learn. Think of what interests you and your daily routine does not give you a chance to explore. It can be related to your full time course or can be something completely different. You can also contact Brick Summer School to understand your options.
Yes. You can apply for as many as you wish subject to availability and schedule of the classes for each course.
Kindly check the requirements of each course in the description.
Every student gets a certificate after successfully completing the course, including any exam, test or submission required for the same.
There are a number of options to travel to the campus. Along with public transport or personal transport, Brick offers a college transport to students once they register for the course.
Once you register online on you can make full payments by paying online or you can register on campus Mon-Fri 10 am to 4 pm.
Summer school is conducted every year in the month of May. Please register to be updated on important dates.
Summer courses are offered depending upon different factors. A course offered this year may not be offered the next year. We would recommend you to not miss a chance.
We can assist you. Once you register for the course/s kindly contact us for more information.
Yes, you can relish heathy yet wholesome meals at Brick Chutney.

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